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Use a Belt as an Improvised Weapon

June 18, 2016 / no comments, on Self-defense

In a self-defense scenario, especially one involving armed attackers, escape should always be the first option you consider. If you can run from danger and survive, you should do so. However, there are often situations when escape is simply not an option. If your back’s against the wall, and you have to fight for your life, using an improvised weapon can greatly sway the odds in your favor.

Self-defense instructor Nick Drossos shows how to use an ordinary belt as an improvised weapon.

We previously discussed the Millwall brick, a blunt-force weapon made of folded newspaper, as well as carabiner knuckles. While both these tools would be good defense options in a fistfight, they require you to be up close and personal with your attacker(s). If you’re facing armed opponents, such as thugs carrying knives or batons, keeping your distance is key to avoiding slices and broken bones. Even a foot or two between you and the attacker can save your life.

Even a lightweight belt buckle like the..

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