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A Must Have Ar-15 Tool

July 3, 2016 / 2 comments, on Bullet Reviews, SURVIVAL FEED

Gerber Short Stack Ar-15 Tool

Gear Rating: 10

Price: $32.50

Bug Out Recommended: Yes


This is a small tool that fits into your Magpul AR handle. The amount of functions it can perform is impressive. Its well built and engineered. It’s held together with really strong magnets so it holds together and won’t make noise rattling around in your handle. It allows you to fix and maintain your Ar in the field. This is a must have for anyone who owns an AR-15!


None really, except it would be nice if there was an allen wrench you could use to adjust certain magpul add ons, otherwise it’s solid!

Final Thoughts:

This tool is well thought out and made by an American company..Gerber in Portland Oregon. This is a must have for anyone who owns an AR-15. If you are new to the Ar world, have someone show you how to use it and take apart and clean your weapon with them. Like every tool it is only a great addition to your preps if you know how to use it!

Submitted By: Urban Prep List

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    July 3, 2016

    I have one of these as well. I couldn’t believe how strong the magnets are. I felt like I was going to break it when pulling it apart for the first time. Well worth the money if an Ar-15 is in your bug out gear list.

      Bug Out Reviews

      July 18, 2016

      I found it’s also a great place to store a “Bullet Button” or a take down tool as it’s magnetic and fits perfectly on the tool!

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