My Survival Gear Prep List: Top 100

My Survival Gear Prep List

Gear, gear, and more gear! We all know that there is no substitute for experience and well practiced skills. However, new survival gear is always welcomed to my collection of preps. As I have admitted numerous times I am a gear head for sure. Due to budgets and the reality of there’s only so much space in one’s house to store all these great survival preps, we need to focus our gear obsession to the most crucial survival gadgets and gizmos! That being said, here is my current list of the top 100 survival items I own and think that every prepper should own as well.

My Top 100 Survival Preps: The Basics

First things first, lets take care of your core needs to get you through a survival situation. If you can stay dry and hydrated you can last a longtime in the wild. So my first area of focus is on clean water, shelter and the ability to make a fire. Fire can keep you warm, make water safe to drink, cook your food, and it can give you a psychological boost in an otherwise bad situation. Fires have been called by many the TV of the Bushcraft world, providing a sense of comfort and a place to gather on dark nights in the wild. I have also included a few of my favorite knives in this section as a good knife is a key tool for survival!


Top Water Preps

    1. Datrex Emergency Drinking Water
    2. Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter Water Filter
    3. Katadyn Micropur Tablets (20 Pack)
    4. McNett Frontier Pro Ultralight Water Filter
    5. Berkey Water Filters
    6. Canned Emergency Water
    7. Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System
    8. Scepter 5 Gallon Plastic Water Storage Can
    9. Blue Can – Premium Emergency Drinking Water
    10. NALGENE Tritan 1-Quart
    11. NDuR 28 oz Flip Top Filtration
    12. Katadyn MicroPur Purification Tablets – 30
    13. Sawyer Products Mini Water Filter
    14. POTABLE AQUA PA+Plus Water Purification


  1. Gear Pods Adventure Tarp
  2. Emergency Blankets
  3. UST B.A.S.E.™ Tarp
  4. SOL 2-Person Emergency Bivvy
  5. Grabber All Weather Blanket
  6. Snugpak Ionosphere 1 Person

fire starterTop Fire

  1. AMK Spark-Lite
  2. UCO Stormproof Matches, Waterproof and Windproof with 15 Second Burn Time – 50 Matches
  3. Fatwood 100% Natural Firestarter Sticks Hand Cut In The USA Ferro Rod Ferrocerium Flint Jute Fatwood Chips Striker Tin
  4. TinderQuik Firestarting Tabs 50 (for SparkLite FireSteel Blastmatch)

top survival knifeTop Survival Knifes

  1. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sheath
  2. Tops Knives Brothers of Bushcraft – Tumble Finish
  3. Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife
  4. 2″ Diameter Small Magnifying Burning Lens in Buckskin Pouch
  5. Bic Lighters- 5 count

Never Leave Home without these Preps

In this section I want to cover your essentials for survival out in the wild or in an urban disaster environment. You will need a pack to carry your gear if your on the move or plan to bug out. Also you will need a few basic hygiene preps to stay clean, food to keep you going, and a medical kit for survival’s bumps and scrapes!


Favorite Packs & Bags

  1. Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket Organizer
  2. Echo Sigma Get Home Bag
  3. 5.11 72 Hr Assault Pack
  4. USMC Propper Arcytery’x Generation 2 ILBE Main Pack with Assault Pack
  5. 3V Gear Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack


  1. No Rinse Bathing Wipes
  2. Reliance Products Hassock Portable toilet
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. Toothbrush


  1. Mountain House® 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit
  2. Wise Foods Wise Ultimate 72 Hour Emergency Kit
  3. OneTigris 4pcs Military Mess Kit Cook Set for 2-3 People
  4. GSI Outdoors Glacier Bottle
  5. Coleman 12 oz. Enamel Mug
  6. MRE (Meals, Ready to Eat)

Solo-Stove-Pot-900-Combo-Ultralight-Wood-Burning-Backpacking-Cook-System-Lightweight-Kitchen-Kit-for-Backpacking-Camping-Survival-Burns-Twigs-No-Batteries-or-Liquid-Fuel-Gas-Canister-Required-0-3Bug Out Stoves

  1. NDūR Lightweight Compact Stove
  2. Solo Stove Lite – Compact Wood stove
  3. Solo Alcohol Stove
  4. Bio Lite Stove



Medical Gear

  1. Adventure Medical Ben’s Repellent 100 Max Details
  2. LSR&T 7 Strand Mil-Spec Paracord
  3. ANBEX iOSAT Emergency Radiation Therapy, Potassium Iodide Tablets
  4. Oasis Medical Disposable Skin Stapler Kit
  5. I.F.A.K.
  6. 12 Survivors First Aid Rollup Kit, Black
  7. Hypothermia Prevention & Mangament Kit (HPMK)
  8. IDF Israeli Army Dressing / Bandage
  9. SAM Rolled Splint 36″, Orange
  10. North American Rescue Hyfin Vent Chest Seal, 2 Count
  11. Adventure Medical Kits Tactical Field/Trauma kit with QuikClot
  12. Tourniquet – (Black) Recon Medical Gen 2 Combat Military Issue Army

Bonus Gear

At this point, you have the basic essentials covered and you can now add items to your kit that will help you thrive in a survival situation. Remember you have to carry everything you put in your pack so pick items that you know how to use and ones you will actually use. Traditionally, I like items that I can use for multiple tasks and survival needs. Some of the items below are also meant for those of you that have decided to “bug in” during a disaster or you can keep them at your bug out location. For example, you most likely won’t want to carry the UST 30 Day LED Lantern but it would be an added treat at your base camp.

SOG-Specialty-Tools-and-Knives-KIT00010-Camping-Kit-with-Hand-Axe-Folding-Saw-Entrenching-Tool-0Survival Tools

  1. AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener
  2. Duracell 9V 8 Pack Alkaline Batteries
  3. Duracell D 14 Unit Pack Alkaline Batteries
  4. Cyalume Light Technology Chem-Light
  5. Camosystems Camouflage Nettin
  6. MSA 10031344 Hycar Advantage 3100 Facepiece with European Head Harness, Large, Black
  7. MSA Respirator Filter Cartridges
  8. Earthquake Survival Tool
  9. UST 30 Day LED Lantern
  10. Duct Tape
  11. Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth USB 3.0 Flash Drive
  12. Performance Tool 1919 Performance bolt cutter
  13. ParaCord Spool Tool Foliage Green – Holds Up To 100′ of Parachute Cord
  14. Survive Outdoors Longer Origin Survival Kit
  15. Suunto A-30L Field Compass

Benjamin-Trail-Nitro-Piston-2-Air-Rifle-with-Scope-0Bug Out Hunting

  1. Marksman 3100 1/4 in. Steel
  2. Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Air Rifle with Scope
  3. Crosman Premier Super Match Pellets (.177), 500 Count
  4. Mechanical Fisher White
  5. Otis All-Caliber Rifle Cleaning
  6. Snare Trap – Versatile Hunting
  7. Night Owl Optics 5-Power

chest rigClothing

  1. Snugpak Enhanced Patrol Poncho
  2. 5.11 Tac A2 Gloves
  3. 5.11 Tactical Tactec Chest Rig
  4. Bison Designs Sling Lock 550 Paracord Bracelet
  5. BLACKHAWK! Shemaugh
  6. 5.11 TacLite Pro Pants


  1. Eton Mini Radio
  2. Kaito Dynamo AM/FM/WB Radio
  3. Baofeng BF-F9 V2+, UV-5R V2+, and UV-82 V2+

Bug In Preps

  1. Letica Corporation 5 Gallon Food Grade Bucket
  2. Lodge Cast Iron 5 Qt Dutch Oven
  3. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Dutch Oven with Dual Handles
  4. Mono Vaults
  5. ENCORE PLASTICS 350133 Eco Smart Bucket
  6. Emergency Candle, Clear Mist – Set of 6 Survival Candles
  7. Shelf Reliance Harvest 72″ #10 Food Rotation System
  8. Shelf Reliance® Deluxe BPA Free 55-gallon Barrel Water Storage System Includes Water Filter Pump By Aquamira, Food Grade Water Barrel
  9. WaterBob

Off Grid Power Sollutions

  1. Goal Zero Venture 30
  2. Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator
  3. Goal Zero Sherpa Inverter
  4. DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Running Watts/4000 Starting Watts

In conclusion, you need to do your research and train with your gear on a regular basis. I have collected these items over time and I have them in multiple kits. By no means do I have one bag with all this crap in it, that would be crazy. However, I believe in redundancy and I always have multiple ways to accomplish my missions. I always carry three ways to start a fire, three ways to purify water, and a few tools in my edc bag to help in times of emergency. Remember the old survival saying “Two is one and one is none”, happy prepping!

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