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Mini Cree Flashlight: A great light for an even better price

Gear Rating: 10

Price: $3

Bug Out Recommended: Yes


The price
The battery life
Solid construction
The ability to focus your light from a large to small spread with the use of one hand





Final Thoughts:

This is the perfect edc flashlight to own. Its only a few bucks, clips onto your pocket, and has a one hand light adjust to focus your light on specific object. At this price I buy 4-5 and put them in all my bags and vehicles. Sure, it’s not super cool and it probably can’t be ran over by a plane or fire truck and still work like other “survival” flashlights. But who cares? It’s only $3.00!  Basically if you don’t buy one then it’s your loss! Fantastic product for an incredible price!  No need to be a cheap ass here!

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