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FactorXBag: A Bulletproof Backpack You Need To Own

July 8, 2017 / no comments, on Full Gear Reviews, SURVIVAL FEED

FactorXBag: Just The Facts
If you only read this section of the review, you should leave here as a huge fan of the new FactorXBag. This bag is labeled as an “everyday backpack”, but it is so much more than that. I am always on the search for a bag that can blend in with my daily activities, yet come through in a SHFT or emergency situation.

If an EMP or natural disaster where to occur right now, would you be prepared? Would you have the basic supplies to keep you safe while you worked your way to your home or bug-out location? The FactorXBag can play an instrumental role in your ability to thrive and survive during any emergency.

One of my favorite aspects of the FactorXBag is that it can be personalized in so many ways to fit your exact needs. This bag can be your 72-hour car kit, your quick-action trauma kit, or your key to surviving an active shooter scenario. In this day and age, everyone has their different reasons for wanting to be prepared. No matter your reason for purchasing..

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