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Berkey Water Filter

Berkey Water Filter

Gear Rating: 10

Price: $258

Bug Out Recommended: Yes


This is a bad boy filter perfect for a bug out location or your home for everyday use.  Once the filters are primed it produces extremely fresh tasting water.  Since putting it on my counter my family have all become believers, we won’t even touch tap water anymore.  The filters in this set up are supposed to last you a few years and can filter basic chemicals and dirt all the way to taking out arsenic and harmful bacteria.  The list is long and extensive and can be found on their site.  Their claim to fame is that they can turn any water source into a drinkable water source.  The item actually folds into it’s self making it a little smaller for storage in your pantry if needed.

Bonus, this set up actually looks nice on your counter and for those that have no idea, it looks like a fancy Brita style  filter, little do they know its a survival source for fresh drinking water!


It takes a while to prime the filters to the point of getting sweet clean drinking water.  The process is not hard but it took me a week and a half until the water lost that mineral taste you find from a new filter.  The water filter is really slow, so for everyday use, it takes a while to get your system down to ensure you always have water ready to go.  I fill it in the morning and again at night and my family of 5 is good to go.  In a survival situation it would be well worth the wait!

Don’t get the plastic blue model, I checked it out in person and the two units just sit on top of one another.  The filter compartment rests on the top and can get knocked over easily, which sucks if its full of water.  Get the silver metal ones, as the filter unit actually rests in the water catchment portion.

Final Thoughts:

The filter works slowly so don’t be cheap like me and get the 2 filter system, spend a few extra bucks and get the one with four filters it is totally worth it.  This system is a bit bulky so it is not travel ready, but it’s great for your home or bug out location.  I have taken it camping a few times and it worked perfectly!  You will not regret this purchase!

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